ATSAF - CGIAR++ Junior Scientist Program Information on providing funding to students for thesis research at International Agricultural Research Centers

With around 350 members ATSAF – Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Tropische und Subtropische Agrarforschung e.V. (Council for Tropical and Subtropical Research) connects key players in German development-oriented agricultural research. This includes professors of German universities with a focus on development-oriented agricultural research and a matching teaching concept, that supports the training of young researchers in this field. Contacts to and stays at International Agricultural Research Centers are invaluable in bringing young scientists early on to practice. For many years, ATSAF has been funding congresses travel grands and preparatory project development trips to International Agricultural Research Centers (IARC) for young postdoctoral researchers.
With our “ATSAF - CGIAR++ Junior Scientist Program” financed by BMZ via giz BEAF, we support students in completing their Master’s...

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020 - 08:15
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