Interns are students who are enrolled as bachelor students in local or foreign universities, or have just completed a bachelor’s degree but are not working towards a master’s degree yet, and one or more of ICRAF supervisors find them well qualified to contribute to their programmatic activities. Prospective interns can have qualifications in any field relevant to the ICRAF’s unit where they are attached, including scientific and managerial fields. ICRAF may provide a modest compensation, local transport and necessary insurance costs, which may vary for various ICRAF offices. Interns can also self-fund their internship as volunteers.  The expected final product of their internship at ICRAF is an internship report describing internship activities and the learning achieved.

The Centre develop youth’s capacity by providing opportunities to selected interns to work with the Centre's senior scientists. ICRAF internships last for a duration stipulated in the L.o.A signed by the relevant staff and external supervisors where applicable. CDU manages the entire deployment and discharge process at ICRAF. Interested applicants MUST enroll online.

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