About Us


World Agroforestry (ICRAF) is a centre of science and development excellence that harnesses the benefits of trees for people and the environment. Leveraging the world’s largest repository of agroforestry science and information, we develop knowledge practices, from farmers’ fields to the global sphere, to ensure food security and environmental sustainability.

ICRAF is the only institution that does globally significant agroforestry research in and for all of the developing tropics. Knowledge produced by ICRAF enables governments, development agencies and farmers to utilize the power of trees to make farming and livelihoods more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable at scales.

Our Vision is an equitable world where all people have viable livelihoods supported by healthy and productive landscapes.

Our Mission is to harness the multiple benefits trees provide for agriculture, livelihoods, resilience and the future of our planet, from farmers’ fields through to continental scales.

Our Operating Principles and Values

ICRAF’s three Operating Principles focus on: (i) People: collaboration and partnership; learning attracting, nurturing, and ewarding talent; (ii) Science: quality science; communicating for accelerated impact; value for money; testing development options; and (iii) Processes: efficiency and effectiveness; accountability; subsidiarity; empowerment.

The Operating Principles are reinforced by our four Values of Professionalism, Creativity, Mutual Respect and Inclusivity.

Capacity Development Unit (CDU)

Capacity development is one of the key roles identified by World Agroforestry in its Corporate Strategy (2017-2026), and remains a key avenue for the organization to both facilitate the use and impact of its research.

Capacity development at ICRAF aims at improving the agroforestry skills and knowledge of its own staff, as well as that of its research and development partners. The nature of capacity strengthening ranges from teaching and supervision of graduate and postgraduate research students and other groups of young scholars through mentoring and on-the-job training, seminars, workshops and conferences.

CDU staff are mandated to ensure smooth deployment of research fellows, volunteers and interns including their recruitment, placement and exit from ICRAF.